Pareja de banquetas

Medidas: 50 x 41 x 55 cms

The increasing 19th century fascination with the Nasrid palace of Alhambra led to the creation of Moorish style rooms in the great Spanish houses from 1850 onward, variously known as ‘Cabinet Arabe’ or ‘sala de fumare‘.

The Grenadine family of Contreras obtained the contracts for the restoration of the major reception rooms of the Alhambra in the 1840s, and the architect Rafael Contreras was appointed by Queen Isabel for the construction of a Smoking Room in the Moorish taste for the summer Palace of Aranjuez in 1851. This magnificent room, the apogee of Contreras work as an interior designer, has been carefully and splendidly conserved by the Patrimonio National

Miryam PazPareja de banquetas